Webdevelopment Consultancy



My name is Yves Venken and I am a developer from Antwerp, Belgium. I work on projects as a freelancer and my focus lies on backend development.

Backend Development

I mainly work with PHP in combination with the Zend Framework library (version 1 and 2). Writing code is one thing but equally important is testing the code you have written. For that matter writing unit and integration tests is not something unpleasant but a necessity. It results in quality code and less or non-recurring issues.

Frontend Development

Know your strengths. I have basic knowledge about HTML 4/HTML 5, CSS, Javascript (Jquery) but as pointed out before I'm more of a backend developer. Currently I'm looking into javascript frameworks such as Meteor JS and Angular JS because it can really create interactivity between the visitors of your web site. As you can see I'm always eager to learn something new.


I believe that there are a lot of great developers out there but even more I believe an extra asset is being a DevOps. My interest started a few years ago when setting up a typical LAMP stack using Vagrant, Virtualbox and Puppet. From that moment on, software like Docker caught my eye.


Working in a team requires some kind of methodology. You have to choose / experience the best way to work for a particular customer. I had the privilege to be part of this process where we went from Scrum to Canban to Scrumban, 1 team or 2 teams with or without project teams. This was quite an interesting experience for me.

Continuous Integration

To make sure everybody in the team is able to deploy the project, using tools like Jenkins and Hudson comes in quite handy. Getting your code out of source control (Git, Svn), running the unit / integration tests, creating a tar and deploying it to one of your environments, knowing it is installed correctly, that's how I like to work.

LinkedIn Recommendations

"Yves is a highly motivated colleague, who combines professionalism with a great sense of humor. He's always ready to help out where needed. Over the last two years, Yves has grown on both a professional and a personal level. He is the one that makes sure that the work gets done and is able to keep the overview. He's a great guy and a great developer!"

by Alain Verdonck - PM

"I worked with Yves for 4 years in the e-Sales team at Telenet. He is a great person at work as well as on a personal level with a healthy dose of humor. As a tester I loved working with him, he helps where needed and analyses a defect thoroughly, There should be more developers like him."

by Kimberly Arys - Tester

"It is rare that you get a chance to work with a developer that is as reliable and as driven as Yves. We worked together for many years at Telenet where we worked on an online e-commerce platform. During this period I was particularly impressed by Yves' ability to keep delivering each feature within the estimated deadlines without ever compromising on quality. This paired with his positive attitude towards work makes Yves a real asset for every team."

by Andy Mathijs - Developer